About Daniel

Did you ever Dream when you were little? Dream about being an astronaut? A doctor? An actor? Ever since I was seven years old I dreamt about being a lawyer.  My mom used to tell me I should be a lawyer because I asked too many questions and I was always arguing.

Going to college was the first step to realize my dream.  The first high school counselor I spoke with about college said I should focus on getting a job. As I was getting ready to drop out of school I ended up in the office of another counselor.  She asked me what I wanted to do.  “Go to college,” I said.  Together, we drafted a plan, a path, to Arizona State University.  She believed in me like so many others that helped me along the way.

In 2008 I graduated from Arizona State with degrees in Political Science and English Literature.  It was a huge accomplishment.  I remember giving a speech at Hispanic Convocation after being named most Outstanding Undergraduate Student.   Thousands of people in the auditorium yet there was only one person I was focused on, my mother.

Halfway through my undergraduate career most of my scholarships were taken away; even though I had a 3.8 GPA.  It was because of my mother and my family that I was able to finish, because of the little savings my mother had, because of the endless egg and bean breakfasts and cold sandwiches my sister made for me.

During my speech at convocation I thanked my mother and encouraged all students to continue their education and fight against the obstacles that stood in their way.  While many of my peers were dropping out and giving up, I applied and was accepted to the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law to let them know that it was possible.  I spent hours every week during law school helping students get to college or stay in college because I knew that people had helped me as well.

I finished my first of three years in great standing, top 20%, but I had to put my education on hold.  I need to finish law school because I always strive to make my mother proud.  I need to finish law school because I have a sister that looks up to me and is waiting for me to do it.  I need to finish law school because my experiences as an immigrant student have enabled me to understand the importance of having laws for the purposes of harmony instead of division.  Laws affect families, our communities and our relations to each other.  I’ve learned that first hand.

I also need to finish law school to keep the dreams of so many alive.  Just like I didn’t give up in high school, like I fought through college, I will finish law school and I will send a message to all Dreamers out there that it is still possible, that they should not give up.

I need your help to send that message.  I can be the best student and get the best grades but I cannot continue without you, without you believing that this is possible, that this is important, and that dreams can still come true.

If I don’t return to law school this year I risk losing the first year I finished.  2012 is the year.  I cannot let myself down, cannot let my peers down but most importantly I cannot let my family down.

Keep the dream alive, help me finish law school.

You can contact me at: eversinceiwas7@gmail.com


2 Responses to About Daniel

  1. Antonio D. Bustamante says:

    As a young man, Daniel Rodriguez exhibits the kind of greatness that most do not approximate in a lifetime. I can only imagine the higher measures of greatness he will attain in the course of a long, purpose-filled life that, God willingly, still awaits him. Daniel inspires and leads, for he personifies the very best in human nature. I hope we all do our part to help him. In so doing we not only practice fidelity to our values, we elevate ourselves.

  2. nohemi says:

    mucha suerte dani y ke DIOS te bendiga muchisimo!!!!!

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